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Speed and Splay Surveys

We can provide a fast, low cost speed survey to help you determine the average speed of natural traffic flow in a specific location. We can carry out speed and splay all of the UK.

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Everything you need to know about Speed and Splay Surveys

A Speed Survey is a survey that is carried out to determine the average speed of natural traffic flow in a specific location. They are often carried out in areas where there are junctions in the road, or where there is an access point to a dwelling/business.

Speed Surveys are also often required as part of a wider study when a new access/egress point is needed, and the information can be used along with a visual assessment to determine visibility splays.

A Speed Survey takes into account a number of factors such as road conditions, weather conditions and influencing factors like road works, traffic trends etc. They are carried out outside of peak traffic hours as heavy traffic can reduce the general speed of the traffic and subsequently affect the results of the survey.

The data that is collected during the survey is analysed to determine the 85th Percentile, which in essence is the speed that 85% of the traffic travels at. If the survey has been carried out during dry conditions then a correction factor is applied to determine the 85th percentile wet-weather speed.

At The Survey House we have extensive experience in completing these surveys and work to the industry recognised standard Technical Advice Note TA 22/81 which is recognised by The Highways Agency, The Scottish Office Development Department, The Welsh Office and The Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland. We complete manual surveys with calibrated radar equipment in line with this document.

Depending upon your requirements we will have a package to suit your needs, with surveys available in 2hr, half day, full day and two day options. When selecting your option consideration needs to be given to the volume of traffic at the location, as sufficient volume is required to give accurate and acceptable results.

Data also needs to be collected in both directions; we therefore are happy to provide two surveyors to record this data simultaneously if required.

Visibility Splays

A Visibility Splay is the angle of visibility a motorist has to a road that they are about to join, and the more visibility there is, the safer the junction should be for that motorist, and the traffic that is on the road that they will be joining.

The Local Planning Authority often require a Splay Survey to discharge a planning condition that involves new vehicular access. To discharge this condition a drawing will be required that shows the visibility splays in both directions. Once approval has been granted it important that the access is constructed and maintained in line with the approved drawing.

At The Survey House we are best placed to produce high quality surveys and drawings to satisfy any LPA. If required we can also produce visual renders that demonstrate how an access road will look once constructed, which can be used and part of your planning application.

Common Questions

A survey that determines the speed that 85% of traffic travels at.
This type of survey should cost hundreds rather than thousands with an entry level cost of £299+VAT.
This is often required so satisfy the local planning authority that an existing or new junction/access is safe, and can be used for designing traffic calming measures.
A survey that assesses the angle of visibility for a motorist at a junction or access point.
By assessing the relationship between a point set back from the junction a vehicle is exiting (x), and a point in the distance on the road (y) that is determined by the results of the speed survey.
We can deliver all of our surveys within 14-days, however we also have premium options with a “Rapid” service if you need your survey within 5-days, and a “Next Day” service.

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