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Measured Building Survey in Manchester

At the early planning stage of a property development, the developer and their design team would benefit from having accurate measurements of the building, including property floor plans, elevations and cross-sections. Measured building surveys are a category of building surveys that will fulfil these needs. We provide Manchester measured building surveys to benefit property developments in and around the Manchester area.

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Everything you need to know about Measured Building Survey in Manchester

Manchester Infrastructure

Massively growing in recent times, Manchester in North West England has become a city worthy of challenging London as the country’s most valuable location. According to current figures, there are fifteen towers in the City of Manchester that are 100 metres or higher in height, and a further 12 towers that are 100 metres or higher in height are in development.

The City of Manchester has more than 234,200 residential properties, and 95.5% of house sales between 2021 and 2022 were existing properties. From these statistics, 34.8% were terraced houses, 33.6% were semi-detached houses, 23.8% were flats and 7.8% were detached houses.

Property Development in the Manchester Area

Due to the predominantly urban nature of the city and the fact that a significant percentage of house sales involved old properties, it is fair to assume that the majority of developments across Manchester involve updating, enhancing or extending existing properties rather than building new infrastructure on patches of untouched greenfield land.

In an effort to avoid going outside of boundary lines and efficiently utilise available spaces, it would be advisable for developers staging planning projects to hold exact measurements of the property. Through taking this approach, the developer and their design team can retain assurances over the dimensions of the site and make plans that are reflective of the unique specifications of the building they are working on.

A proven way of retrieving fundamental internal and external measurements of a building to benefit a property development is by arranging for a measured building surveyor to carry out a measured building survey. Point cloud data taken from a measured building survey can then be collated into a scaled survey drawing of the site, giving the developer and their team a mapped-out image of the property.

Measured Building Assessments

A visit to a site for a measured building survey will entail the building surveyor making a set of notes regarding the internal and external measurements of the property. Assurances over the precision of the measurements from measured building surveys will span from the surveyor using the latest technology of highly specialised survey equipment, including laser scanning tools such as reflectorless total stations.

Dimensions taken during measured building surveys include property floor plans, ceiling plans and roof plans, elevations, fixed features, cross-sections and the internal layout. The building surveyor will note their findings from measured building surveys using paper and a pencil on a clipboard, as well as through the use of digital photographs. The client’s requirements will then dictate how the resulting measured survey drawings will be presented once converted from laser scanning data to a usable image.

The building’s floor plans and cross-section drawings from measured building surveys will often be displayed in a CAD format, either as 2D or 3D images. In circumstances where the building surveyor has notable observations from the assessment process, they may choose to provide the client with a measured building survey report alongside the completed floor plans and cross-section drawings to inform them of important factors regarding the building.

Consultants in Building Surveying

After many years of undertaking measured building surveys and other building surveys, our team is suitably capable to provide Manchester measured building surveys for your property development project. Every measured building surveyor in our ranks holds the relevant experience, training, licensing and capability with the latest technology of laser scanning equipment and reflectorless total stations. As a result, they are equipped to undertake measured building surveys and accurately measure the dimensions of your property, giving you property floor plans that will benefit the planning stage.

Working on private extensions, commercial projects and heritage sites, for instance, we don’t see any client’s needs as being too big or too small. The Survey House has property surveyors situated all over the country, meaning we can attend any location for measured building surveys, Manchester included. That way, we can provide measured building surveys and other building surveys to clients across the UK, regardless of their location.

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During the early planning stage of your property development, you may be uncertain of the potential building surveys you need. If you are unsure whether you need a measured building survey, you can speak to our team and they will accurately assess your needs before pointing you in the direction of the correct service.

To make the first step, call us directly using the number at the top of this page or fill out our quick and simple quote form. It would then be wise to give us extensive details about your property and project, and we can determine whether you need Manchester measured building surveys or one of our other building surveys. We will then send across a free quote for you to consider, and if you are happy with it, we can choose a date for the assessment to take place.

On the day of the measured building survey, one of our team will visit the site to take measurements of the property before compiling the point cloud data into a scaled survey drawing for your consideration. Using the cross-sections and property floor plan images we provide, you can plan your property development with accuracy and precision, eliminating any cause for concern.

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