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Measured Building Surveys in Scotland

Arranging measured building surveys will make it possible for developers across Scotland to see drawings of the building undergoing a property development with pinpoint accuracy, benefitting the vital preliminary planning stage.

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Everything you need to know about Measured Building Surveys in Scotland

Residential and Commercial Properties Across Scotland

Spanning from the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee to the countryside of the highlands and various towns and villages, Scotland offers a wealthy combination of rural and urban areas. As of March 2020, there were 2.6 million recorded dwellings in Scotland, with flats featuring as the most common building type across the country.

More specifically, statistics recorded in 2017 claimed that there were 980,290 flats in Scotland, as well as 558,911 detached houses, 532,863 terraced houses, 511,583 semi-detached houses, and 19,427 dwellings in unknown categories. Additionally, between 2020 and 2021 alone, 452 new dwellings were created after conversions were made to existing buildings.

Scottish Property Development Projects

While the countryside parts of Scotland open up vast opportunities for staging land development projects, the towns and cities may see more of a focus on extending, updating or enhancing older buildings as part of a property development project. By developing a property, the existing infrastructure can be altered to become more useful or meet a new purpose without the need to start from scratch or carry out an entire rebuild.

A key component in the early planning stage of any property development is the ability to possess accurate measurements of the building. Using property dimensions such as floor plans, elevations and sections, the project can be planned correctly and available space can be utilised to optimum levels, using up all of the area available without infringing on boundary lines. Developers can retrieve precise property measurements by arranging a measured building survey.

The Process for Measured Building Surveys

Once an assessment has been booked, a building surveyor will visit the site to undertake the measured building survey and note the relevant dimensions. Included measurements are the contours, cross-sections and elevations, roof plans, ceiling plans and floor plans, and the internal layout along with fixed features. Surveyors will typically use advanced equipment such as laser scanning tools and total stations to ensure the utmost accuracy in the resulting survey data.

After the building surveyor has gathered the information they need, data from the assessment will be noted using a pencil and paper on a clipboard, with the option of digitising the information via a smart phone or tablet. If there are any notable observations that are worth raising to the client, it may be applicable to take digital photos of the site or include annotations within a measured building survey report.

All of the recorded dimensions from the measured building survey will be detailed in 2D or 3D models as CAD format images. Prior to producing the map of the property with the measurements included, the client can indicate their favoured format to benefit their needs. The building surveyor will then pass on the completed scaled-survey drawings to the client, giving them a precise reflection of the property that can be used to plan out the project with an extensive level of detail.

Building and Property Surveyors

Within our team, our building and property surveyors possess comprehensive experience and knowledge of measured building surveys. Offering coverage all over Scotland, we have trained, qualified and licensed measured building surveyors to guarantee that all clients can access our survey services regardless of the location of their property.

By using the latest technology of laser scanning equipment, The Survey House ensures assessments of the highest quality and results that are as accurate as feasibly possible. All of our team have worked with various laser scanning devices on countless projects. As such, whoever we send to assist with a measured building survey for your project will provide a quality service.

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In the build-up to a property development project, a measured building survey would be advantageous to the planning stage. As a developer, you may recognise the need for measured building surveys on your site. If, however, you are unsure of the assessments needed to enable your project to move into future stages, contact our team and we can determine the suitable building surveys for your needs.

You can speak to our team by calling the number above or filling out our online quote form. Once you have given us details of your project, we can begin to arrange your measured building survey, including sending across a free quote to assist the decision-making process and choosing a suitable date to attend your site.

A building surveyor will then arrive on the chosen date and take the required measurements using laser scanning tools before displaying them in a CAD image. You can then use the images from the measured building survey as the basis for your plans to develop the involved property, removing any uncertainty over the building’s dimensions.

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