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Topographical Survey in Birmingham

Possessing accurate measurements of a plot of land can assist in the process of planning a development project. A topographical survey conducted by licensed land surveyors is effective in retrieving the dimensions of a site. We are able to undertake these assessments in Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Birmingham

Growth to Birmingham’s Infrastructure

The second largest city in the UK by size and population, Birmingham in the West Midlands is known for making a significant contribution to culture, particularly in the case of music. It has an estimated population of 1.5 million, and with 40% of the population under the age of 25, it is hailed as the youngest city in Europe.

According to the Birmingham Development Plan, Birmingham City Council has plans to invest in developmental changes to the area, including £600 million towards reinvigorating Birmingham New Street Station and £128 million to extend the West Midland Metro system.

Planned Developments in Birmingham

Statistics on Birmingham claim that 0% of the population live in rural areas. The national average for populations living in rural areas stands at 17%, leaving Birmingham’s reading as a staggering fact about the city. It is likely that the statistic is an indication that existing green spaces in the city are developed into urban infrastructure before housing inhabitants.

Between the fact that zero households live in rural areas and the local council is frequently funding further changes to the city, it is easy to assume that Birmingham prioritises development over retention of green spaces. That said, for developers to successfully stage a planning project on any of the remaining greenfield or brownfield sites in Birmingham, the necessary land surveys are needed.

Looking specifically at a development that involves building new infrastructure on greenfield or brownfield land, a topographical survey would be advisable. By organising a topographical land survey, the dimensions of the site can be measured, recorded and turned into a map, with the purpose of using the image during the early planning stage of the project.

Recording a Site’s Measurements

In the bracket of comprehensive surveys, topographic surveys are divided into a preliminary desk study and an inspection of the development site. Using existing maps and images of the local area, the desk study will be used as an opportunity to retrieve additional information about the site prior to undertaking the assessment.

The land surveyor will then attend the site to collect correct information about the site, recording measurements of natural and man-made features, external elevations, cross sections, contours and the defined boundary. To guarantee the utmost accuracy and remove the element of human error, total stations, laser scanners and GPS / GNSS equipment will be used.

Following the topographical survey, the recorded data will be moved across to CAD format survey drawings, displayed as a map to show the accurate layout of the site. The land surveyor will make the images available in a format that assists the client, and if there are any notable observations from the site, they may decide to include a report on the topographical survey process.

Topographic Survey Consultants

Following years of experience in providing private and professional clients with different types of building and land survey, our team is ready and able to attend your site for a Birmingham topographical survey and produce the corresponding survey drawings with external elevations, cross sections and contours included. Every one of our land surveyors has the necessary training and educating to offer help with on-site and off-site issues, ranging from topographical surveys to other cost effective assessments, such as measured building surveys.

Working in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) means that our land surveyors hold the sufficient licensing to carry out topographical surveys and other applicable evaluations, such as a measured building survey, 3D survey, Visual Impact Assessment (VIA), utility mapping survey and condition report. With land surveyors based all over the country, we can offer topographic surveys and other services to clients in any location.

Based on the expertise of our team and the insights from their findings, The Survey House can satisfy a selection of purpose. For instance, our survey services can help with projects involving old or new buildings, meet the requirements of the local council in pursuit of a successful planning application, ensure that the final product is in line with the original development plans, or set preparations to eliminate issues that could otherwise arise in the long run.

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Our land surveyors can then enhance the early planning stage of your project by providing you with survey drawings including external elevations, contours and cross sections of the site. We are experts in our field of cost effective topographic surveys and other building and land survey assessments such as measured building surveys. With our help, we can help you to meet the goals of your development and progress your project into the next stage.

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