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Topographical Surveys

Our topographical surveys will show a range all features on your development including buildings, boundaries, service covers and site levels. Designs are usually presented in CAD format.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Surveys

A topographic survey, or land survey as they are also known, is an accurate measurement and recording of a site’s physical features. They capture the levels across the survey area, and also the features within it.

For example, these can be things like floor finishes, wall locations, boundary’s, kerbs, trees, manholes, street furniture and a buildings footprint along with its ridge and eaves height amongst other things.

They can be a useful record of the “as-built” information and also a fundamental foundation stone for proposed building work or landscaping. They are also used as part of a flood risk assessments.

Instruments are used to collect locational data during the survey, a post-survey analysis of the data is then carried out and drawings are produced that reflect the results. Drawings are drawn to scale and can be provided in a number of different formats, the most common being DWG and PDF.


A topographic survey can be carried out to survey the physical boundary of a property. This can often be different than the actual boundary (which is sometimes recorded with the Land Registry) due to a number of factors.

For instance, fences, walls or hedges can be removed, installed or moved and over a number of decades and changes in ownership the boundary line can be lost and become encroached upon.

This is very often an innocent mistake because the physical features have been assumed to be the boundary of the property. To assist with establishing a boundary, it is possible to carry out a topographic survey of the plot, including the footprint of the property, and then overlay the recorded boundary from the Land Registry Title.

The surveyor can then give you an opinion on where the boundary sits in relation to that drawing. The accuracy of the results however can be a little subjective due to the scale of the drawings often recorded with the Land Registry, unless they hold dimensional detail of your boundary.

Boundary disputes can be emotive and its important to try and navigate your way through them in a communitive and collaborative way with your neighbour, and whilst a boundary topographic survey is different to a boundary determination survey, it can sometimes be a more cost-effective entry level way to get an opinion on the location of a boundary before a dispute develops.

Topographic Survey – Specification and Standards

Quite often, some of our clients have their own specification that they want to be used as the basis for the survey and in these instances, we are happy to take instruction on your requirements.

We work to a standard specification which is as recommended by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities.

Our Experience and Client Base

Our Directors are experts in their fields and have over 30-years’ experience collectively. They have gained experience in carrying out topographic surveys across all markets and have worked for most of the football clubs in the English & Scottish Premier League’s, along with many of the major land owners and shopping centres.

We also undertake hundreds of surveys each year in the domestic market, and for us all of our customers are of equal importance.

Common Questions

Survey cost is determined by a number of factors, but will always require time on site to complete the survey, and office time to analyse the data and complete a drawing. We price our surveys specifically for the requirement, just send us your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.
Topographic surveys give accurate information on the “Actual” levels of a site. Architects, Civils Contractors and Landscape Gardeners often request a topographic survey to help them progress their design/drawings.
This differs and will be site specific. For example, it would be quicker to survey 10 acres of open field than 1 acre covered in trees. A generic average sized property could most likely be completed in 1-day.
Drawings are completed and ready for release within 7-working days however are usually ready much sooner.
No, unless you have dimensioned and precise drawings registered with the Land Registry, which is rarely the case. A boundary survey will overlay the Land Registry title and you will have an informed opinion of the surveyor’s interpretation of the boundary location.

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