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Utility Mapping

Our Utility Mapping serice works to industry recognised Publicly Available Standard (PAS 128) and is often required to ensure the safety of workers and the public during excavation and construction work.

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Everything you need to know about Utility Mapping

A survey of any underground services is often required to ensure the safety of workers and the public during excavation and construction work. Utility mapping will give you the location and type of most underground pipes and cables. This can be carried out in a number of different ways, and at The Survey House we work to an industry recognised Publicly Available Standard (PAS 128)

PAS 128 was sponsored by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and developed by the British Standards Institution (BSi) and published under licence in June 2014.

Survey Category Types

There are four different category types ranging from D – A.

Survey Category Type D

A Desktop Utility Record Search. A thorough desktop search of all statutory asset owners to supply their records data.

Survey Category Type C

Underground utility plotted from utility record data only, but with site reconnaissance to match utility record with physical utility street furniture as a best fit.

Survey Category Type B

An on-site utility mapping survey with the use of surveying equipment. The survey results will demonstrate each linear 5 metre section of utility depicted as a Quality Level (QL) 1-4 for horizontal and vertical detection accuracy.

Survey Category Type A

Utility verified and positioned by physical identification. This may be visual confirmation by inspecting utility chambers, or by careful vacuum excavation or hand dug trail pitting.

Survey Benefits

There are many benefits of a below ground services survey, and it is widely known that the cost of utility mapping (GPR Survey) are far our-weighed by the benefits and cost savings that the survey produces making it a critical survey for all sites when carrying out construction work. There are also other major benefits:

  • Excavation free method, removing the need for unnecessary digging.
  • Removes / reduces the risk of damaging services, reducing down time
  • Gives as-built data in real time.
  • Makes the “unknown” “known”
  • Reduction in project cost.

The results of the survey are shown on plans identifying the service type, and the depth of it below ground. This can allow a contractor to either proactively move the excavation area, or identify the need for a careful hand-dig or vacuum excavation.

Results can also be displayed as a section showing the location and depth of each service located, as per the image below from PAS 128.

Common Questions

Yes. The GPR survey can see through concrete, it will also be able to locate the steel reinforcement within the concrete.
GPR uses pulses of electromagnetic radiation to create an image of the area below the surface. Any differences in the make-up of the sub-surface are detected by the equipment and are then interpreted and displayed as an image.
This depends upon a number of factors but is charged on a day rate basis that reflects the level of input needed, which may include the need for support staff when lone working is not possible or when assistance is required. The day rate will also reflect the office time required to produce the report. You should expect a fee between £600 and £1500 per day but contact us for a tailored quotation.
As with our other surveys, we have three levels of service that take into account the fine balance between a "requirement" and a "need". A standard survey can be completed within 10-working days and this is included within our standard pricing. We offer a Rapid service that can be delivered within 5-working days, and a next day service. Both of these services are more expensive as they will have included the consequential costs to us for prioritising your requirements but can help when your survey is urgent.
GPR can detect metallic and non-metallic pipes; it will also give an indication of its location and depth with an accuracy of around 90%.

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