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Topographical Survey in Kent

Holding the exact measurements of a development site and all survey objects and features will greatly benefit the early planning stage of any project. For your land development in Kent, we offer extremely effective topographical surveys from our highly professional team of trained and capable land surveyors with many years experience.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Kent

Developing Kent’s Greenfield and Brownfield Land

A hive of natural features and locations, Kent in South East England is best known for green areas, heritage sites and leading the growing of fresh produce. On a year-by-year basis, the county has seen growth in the population, expanding by more than 122,591 people between 2009 and 2019 and a further 7,500 between 2019 and 2020.

Currently, around 27% of the population live in Kent’s rural areas, occupying 79% of the land across the county. In a predominantly countryside location such as Kent, it is to be expected that developers will see it as a desirable place to stage land developments, particularly on land that is without existing infrastructure and considered greenfield or brownfield.

Planning Projects Staged in Kent

In order to utilise some of the untouched patches of land in Kent, the local council are allowing planning applications for significant housing developments and commercial builds. It is, however, important that they retain valuable greenfield land and green belt, including the Metropolitan Green Belt that surrounds London and affects Kent as well as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

Whether a land development is conducted on brownfield or greenfield land, creating plans based on the specifications of the site can be troublesome. For instance, the site will feature a wide variety of fixed features, and if accurate measurements of the site haven’t been recorded, potential limitations could remain undetected, causing unexpected issues later in the process.

Instead, it would be advisable to ensure accuracy of the development plans by taking measurements of the site and survey objects. Any developer can do this by arranging a cost effective topographical survey today with a licensed topographical surveyor from our chartered land surveying practice. Topographic surveys involve a full inspection of man-made and natural elements on the site, and an exercise to begin working on measuring the site’s unique specifications and accurately map ground contours and fixed features. A land surveyor can also use the assessment as an opportunity to recommend other applicable land surveys.

Assessments for Topography

A desk study will act as the first stage of the topographical survey, used as an opportunity to retrieve any relevant existing information about the site. At this point, the land surveyor may look at images, maps and applications that contain visual or written data about the specific plot of land. Following the retrieval of any and all site data, an inspection of the site will take place for the land surveyor to analyse all areas of the site and record measurements of the site’s layout, including contours and elevations.

Ensuring the utmost precision in the results of a topographical survey is possible through the use of the latest technology. A topographical survey will involve highly specialised survey equipment such as robotic reflectorless total stations, the latest GPS items and other additional laser scanning tools. If the site is especially large and the individual needs of the client points towards a general overview of the size and volume rather than data in regards to each feature across the site, the land surveyor may opt to utilise drone services.

Upon completion of the topographical survey, data from the assessment will be presented in a CAD format drawing that the developer can use as the reference for their development plans. The as-built scaled survey drawing will also be accompanied by a topographical survey report to inform the developer on the results and any notable observations from the survey.

Topographical Land Surveyors

All land surveys must be undertaken with consistency and under the relevant directions from corresponding regulators. The same is true of our Kent topographical surveys, and we follow a number of strict guidelines to work safely and guarantee dependability with our assessments and results. Our land surveyors, for example, are sufficiently educated and equipped with full training. Additionally, each land surveyor possesses the necessary licensing from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

One of the promises we make to all clients is that all of the chartered surveyors in our ranks carry out land assessments to the highest quality, take measurements to exact precision and come away with a clear view of data that will benefit the specific needs and early planning stage of our clients’ projects. On a separate note, we cater to all areas and offer services nationwide including Kent and other areas of South East England, enabling clients to arrange topographical survey services regardless of their current location.

Our highly professional team has a combined experience that makes them effective in both the smallest and biggest projects across many sectors. Each of topographical surveyor in our chartered land surveying practice can meet client requirements with the highest quality and set out a clear presentation of the scaled survey drawing to design professionals to assist with creating sound plans for development.

As experts on both property and land surveys, The Survey House offers an array of surveying options, including measured building surveys, condition reports and utility mapping surveys. Our helpful team are approachable and accommodating, so if you aren’t fully aware of the type of survey you need, get in touch today and one of our professional team of friendly and knowledgeable staff will address your specific needs to find the right assessment for you before providing you with a competitive price.

Organise a Topographical Survey Today

Any developers considering booking a topographical survey today would be advised to call us, fill out an online quote form or check out our contact us page. You can then give our friendly and knowledgeable staff details of your site and project, and we will issue you with a free quote based on these specifications and the competitive price we consistently provide to clients. As soon as you confirm that you are happy to proceed, we can work with you to choose a desirable date to conduct the cost effective assessment.

The process for undertaking extremely effective topographical surveys will then involve a land surveyor visiting your site to begin working on your needs, carrying out the assessment, creating the CAD drawing and passing it onto you. You can then use the data from the topographic model to make feasible plans for your planning project, with the high level of accuracy making your design reflective of real-life measurements.

Highly recommended and capable of undertaking a selection of cost effective property and land surveying services – such as a condition report, 3D survey and measured building survey – to enhance a wide variety of stages in the planning process, we boast of a knowledgeable staff that offer services nationwide, all under strict guidelines and within client requirements. Using our insight and expertise, we can carry out Kent topographical surveys to support your individual needs, provide a clear view of your site, accurately map ground contours and elevations, and eliminate any obstacles and potential mistakes in the early planning stage of your development.

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