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Topographical Survey in Leeds

Before creating definitive plans for a land development in the Leeds area, it would be advisable to arrange topographical surveys. At this point, we will use laser scanning equipment such as a total station to formulate accurate measurements of the site, benefitting the precision of your development plans.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Leeds

Leeds Planning Projects

Currently the eight largest city in the UK, Leeds in West Yorkshire is predominantly urban. Alongside iconic historical monuments and a vibrant cityscape, the City of Leeds is home to the fourth largest metropolitan and urban area in the country. Considering a clear dominance of urban areas, it will come as no surprise to learn than just 16% of the population live in rural areas – 4% short of the regional average.

Over the last decade, £3.9 billion has gone into large scale developments in Leeds, making sense of the city being labelled the UK’s fastest growing city. According to Leeds City Council, the next decade will see the economy grow by an estimated 21%, and proposed developments are expected to cost an additional £7.3 billion.

Current and Future Developments

For several years, a debate between various stakeholders has questioned whether or not green belt across seven locations in Leeds should be developed. The main issue is that the local council may opt to allow land developments on green belt or greenfield land with a view to utilising unused spaces and benefit the economy. By doing so, however, natural areas will be depleted, contradicting efforts to retain and preserve valuable green spaces.

As a result, obtaining a patch of land in Leeds may be a difficult endeavour without a clear enough reason for doing so. Once a suitable plot of land has been identified and purchased, the next hurdle will involve creating plans that are accurate to the development site, with consideration for all man-made and natural features. Precise measurements of the specific plot of land will guarantee crucially reflective dimensions of the site, removing any potential issues that could otherwise arise in the development planning stage.

An impactful method of securing exact measurements of a development site prior to creating actionable plans is by booking a cost effective topographical survey with a land surveyor. Our professional service offers a multitude of land and building surveys, so in addition to topographical surveys, we can help with other assessments such as measured building surveys, 3D surveys and condition reports.

The Topographical Survey Process

Prior to utilising laser scanning equipment to measure the development site, the land surveyor will conduct a desk study to retrieve any available information about the specific plot of land. Existing visual or written data may be extracted from maps and images, and with it, the land surveyor will possess insights about the site that could speed up and simplify the topographical survey process.

Using the latest technology, an inspection of the site will be carried out and measurements will be taken. Equipment for topographical surveys generally consists of total stations and other laser scanning devices to record accurate dimensions of man-made and natural features, contours, elevations and the layout of the site. A total station is a key tool during all topographical surveys, but in some cases – such as, for example, on significantly large sites – it may be applicable to use drones to see a view of the entire site.

Immediately after, the data will be moved across to an as-built scaled drawing within a CAD format that can be used by the developer and their design team to formulate sound plans for the development. Displayed within a map, the CAD drawing will be presented alongside a report for topographical surveys to include details of results from the assessment and mentions of worthwhile observations.

Professional Land Surveying Services

Every land surveyor in our ranks has the same aim of pledging to produce a service of the highest standard to clients. With the suitable qualifications and training, as well as licensing from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our land surveyors are capable of conducting topographical surveys and creating topographic maps to benefit your development.

Across our consultancy, we at The Survey House insist on high standards with all of our cost effective building and land surveys. Whether we are working with small or large projects, brownfield or greenfield land, or private, residential or commercial properties, our approach remains the same. We use the latest technology of total station and laser scanning equipment to guarantee accurate and precise results.

Nationwide coverage allows us to cater to all areas in the country, offering topographical surveys and other assessments such as condition reports and measured building surveys to Leeds and other parts of Yorkshire. If, however, you are unaware of the type of survey you need for your development, reach out to our team and we will guide you based on your requirements.

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If you are in the early stages of planning a land development in Leeds, arranging a topographical survey with us will help to set out your design, check that it works effectively and address any issues from the site’s features and layout. Simply contact us by calling us directly or filling out an online quote form, and once you’ve given us your details, we can put together a free quote for you to consider.

When a date has been chosen, one of our team will undertake cost effective topographical surveys on your site to the highest standard. The data from the measurements taken using our advanced laser scanning equipment will then be formatted into a CAD drawing, giving you and your team key information that can be used to enhance your development plans.

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