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Topographical Survey in Leicester

By reaching out to us early in the process, we can provide a building or land survey to enhance the development process. For land developments on greenfield or brownfield land, topographic surveys will assist with grasping an understanding of the site’s exact measurements.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Leicester

Leicester’s Scope for Development

Widely perceived as a hub for cultural diversity, Leicester in the East Midlands is the thirteenth largest city by populous in the UK, surpassing Edinburgh but falling short of Belfast and Bristol. Within the City of Leicester is the Leicester Urban Area – home to 51.8% of the entire population of Leicestershire. Even with the city present, however, the broader Leicestershire county is considered 82% rural.

As with any city, the local authorities are pitted with the challenge of attempting to continue the development of untouched areas while trying to retain valuable green spaces. The City of Leicester grows more each year, with more than £13 million made available by the local council in the 2022/23 financial year for Planning, Development and Transport alone.

Land and Property Development Projects

A councillor on behalf of one of the local councils within Leicestershire controversially claimed in 2020 that a planning application on any plot of greenfield land in the area would be granted under the right circumstances. Unsurprisingly, the comment led to a divide between councillors that encouraged new developments and councillors that preferred to retain greenfield sites in support of the environment.

A similar debate rages for whether or not to utilise green belt land in Leicester for developments. Due to these potential restrictions, it may be easier or harder for developers to purchase land for a planning project. Additionally, after they have secured a suitable plot of land, it would be important to retrieve precise measurements of the site so the development plans can get the most from the area and any issues with inaccuracy can be avoided entirely.

Site measurements with pinpoint accuracy can be taken through a land surveyor attending the development site for a topographical survey. An assessment will be used to determine the dimensions of all areas, and if needed, our team can also undertake further property and land surveys such as 3D surveys, condition reports and measured building surveys.

Topo Assessment

Divided into two stages, topographical land surveys start with the land surveyor conducting a desk study to retrieve further information about the site, often from maps, images and other data that could benefit the physical inspection of the specific plot of land. The land surveyor will then attend the site to take measurements of all dimensions, including all natural and man-made features.

In order to record precise digital levels and produce results with a high level of accuracy, the assessment will be carried out using the latest technology of survey equipment. The typical selection of tools includes robotic total stations, laser scanners and GPS / GNSS equipment, as well as corresponding programmes such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. Measurements of elevations and contours will be noted in 2D and 3D images, giving the developer crucial insights into each part of the site for record purposes and assisting with other potential issues such as, for example, boundary disputes.

All data taken from topographical surveys will then be displayed in maps that the client can use for their development plans. A CAD format image, the as-built scaled drawing can be made available in a number of formats including LandXML outputs or another format requested by the client for various design purposes. If necessary, the CAD drawing will be passed on to the client with a report to detail the topographic land survey process and any key observations.

Surveyors for Land

Our land surveying services apply to all parts of the country, with surveyors for topographical surveys situated in countless locations to suit our clients’ requirements. Due to such comprehensive coverage, we can analyse and measure both the built or natural environment swiftly and provide all private and professional clients with topographic surveys. We also conduct all work ourselves and produce maps in-house, eliminating the costs that would otherwise arise from outsourcing to third parties.

All of our experts on property and land survey services hold the necessary qualifications and training to offer a topographical survey to the highest standard attainable. Our team also possess licensing from relevant regulators such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and with vast experience of the topographical survey process and undertaking as-built surveys, they can act as planning consultants to benefit your project.

At The Survey House, we remain inclusive of all clients and requirements, and carry out topographic land survey services for anyone that requests a quote. You can even speak to our helpful team about your next project beforehand as a method of discussing your needs before committing to us. In addition to topographical surveys, our team is equipped to conduct measured building surveys and other forms of assessment on natural and built environments.

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By reaching out to our team and giving us the details of your site and project, we can determine the best course of action before providing you with a free quote for the suitable property or land surveys. Assuming you are happy to move forwards, confirm this with us and we can determine a suitable date for a surveyor to attend your site for a topographic land survey.

To get the ball rolling on your topographical survey, contact us by filling out an online quote form or call us over the phone using the number above. We can then undertake the necessary topographic surveys and pass on the 2D and 3D images to benefit the early planning stage of your project.

Under the guidance of our team, we can conduct a topographic survey to remove any confusion surrounding the dimensions of your site and uncover further information about your site to simplify the process of setting out your development plans. Then, if needed, our team will advise on any other forms of building and land survey required on the site after the topographical survey, whether that involves a measured building survey for existing infrastructure or a utility mapping survey to determine the presence of hidden utilities beneath the surface of the ground.

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