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Topographical Survey in London

At The Survey House, we offer a wide range of land surveying services, often featuring laser scanning to guarantee complete accuracy. For land developments, topographical surveys assist with ensuring the dimensions of the plot of land with pinpoint accuracy.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in London

London Development

Widely known as the epicentre of British culture and a priority location for international tourism, London features as England’s hotspot. Even through the emergence of Manchester in recent times, the City of London continues to grow, with the population increasing from 7,400 to 8,600 in 2021 alone, equating to around 16.6%.

With so much of London developed and classified as urban, it may be challenging for developers that are intending on staging a land development in the area to identify and purchase a piece of greenfield land. Even in the case of brownfield land, a developer may struggle to find a suitable plot, making the process difficult in the earliest stage.

Continued Development of London

Although London is primarily recognised as an urban location, the majority of land in Greater London is untouched. Currently, more than 60% of Greater London is greenfield land, and 42% of the undeveloped land has an amenity value. On top of that, 22% of Greater London is inhabited by over 34,800 hectares of green belt.

As greenfield and brownfield land is available in London, the main concerns turn to buying the chosen plot of land and convincing the local authorities to allow them to obtain planning permission. Once a developer has accomplished finding and purchasing the correct plot of land for their project, they will be in a good position to begin planning their development.

Creating sound plans for a land development is more effective through the use of a topographical survey. Over the course of topographical surveys, land surveyors will take measurements of the site and all natural and man-made features present, and with these dimensions, a map of the site can be made, giving the developer more insight to formulate plans.

Topographical Survey and Report

A form of land survey, topographical surveys are conducted on a set date and involve a land surveyor recording the dimensions of the site. Prior to the physical site inspection, however, a research exercise will occur to retrieve a comprehensive range of potential information about the site, such as images and maps, and information provided on existing buildings and features present.

On the day of the site visit, the surveyor will use the latest technology of 3D laser scanning equipment to ensure accurate results and reliable data. Primary laser scanning tools include total stations and other laser scanners that will measure the specifications of the site with precision. Data taken from a topographic survey includes contours, cross-sections, elevations and features such as service covers.

Results from topographic surveys will be moved across to a CAD format image, making it a displayable map of the area to contribute to planning the construction project. It can be provided to the client in a wide range of different formats based on the specific requirements of the client and their unique site project.

Consulting on Topography

After many years of experience undertaking topographical surveys for private and professional clients across the country, The Survey House is a solid option for assessments over land and both existing and new buildings. As well as topographic surveys, we offer other land surveying services such as utility surveys and Visual Impact Assessments (VIA), and building surveying services such as measured building surveys, condition reports and 3D surveys.

Our trusted team is qualified, licensed and trained to attend any location for a topographical survey, London included. Whether you are based in North, South, East or West London, or the surrounding towns and cities, get in touch and our land surveyors will be able to assist you with a topographical survey and the corresponding 3D laser scanning exercise on your site.

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If, for example, you are staging a project in North London and want assurances over your plans, or if you are staging a project in West London and need reliable evidence to show to the local council in pursuit of a successful planning application, we are here to help with our topographical survey services.

Call us over the phone, fill out an online quote form or check out our other contact options, and once we have your details, we can send you a free quote for you to consider. Let us know that you are happy to move forwards, and we can begin planning a suitable time to attend your site for topographic surveys.

Our unique offering boasts of a universal approach, reliable results, competitive prices and data that can be used effectively to bolster your development plans. Additionally, our surveyors are experts in their field and can determine whether further assessments such as a measured building survey is needed.

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