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Topographical Survey in Manchester

In the early stages of a planning process that involves developing or redeveloping land in Manchester, topographic surveys will establish natural and man-made features on your site to support development plans.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Manchester

Manchester Land Developments

Recognised as a source of exceptional cultural heritage, producing numerous trendsetting bands and two Premier League football teams, Manchester in North West England has shown significant growth in recent times. For instance, the population of the city grew by 149% between 2002 and 2015, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the UK.

But while a significant increase in the number of residents in Manchester is positive for the economy and an indication that the city may be turning into a location worthy of surpassing or at least challenging London, a far higher level of competition for available plots of land makes the process of staging a planning project more difficult for developers in the area.

Planning Opportunities in Manchester

Manchester developments seeing raised numbers indicate that patches of available land are in greater demand, and as for undeveloped patches of land, greenfield sites are becoming a rare feature. From the current selection of residential areas, 11% were on greenfield land and 89% were on brownfield sites. Even Manchester’s green belt has taken an impact, with 34.3% of it now developed – the highest rate of developed green belt land in the UK.

Another concern in a city such as Manchester where many of the areas are already developed is that the previous use on a brownfield site may be unknown to the new developer. In this instance, certain factors could be hidden such as existing infrastructure underground, hidden pipes, or other obstructions that could cause lengthy delays to a development or construction work if found late into the process. Likewise, it is near impossible to plan accordingly on brownfield or greenfield sites without accurate measurements of the plot of land.

A proven method of measuring a site correctly and involving the presence of both man-made and natural elements on a plot of land is through arranging a topographical survey with topographical surveyors and other applicable land surveys with highly recommended licensed and experienced land surveyors. During a topographic survey, all areas of the site can be thoroughly inspected, all features can be recorded, and accurate measurements can be taken to benefit the planning, execution and completion of your project.

Topographical Surveys and Assessments

After any information on the geographical area has been retrieved as part of a desk study prior to the assessment, the land surveyor in charge of the survey will visit the site. During this visit, topographical surveyors will analyse all areas of the site, cross-examining information retrieved prior to the survey and evidence found on the site to determine all man-made and natural features present.

Measurements will then be taken using laser scanning devices and other survey equipment to outline the contours, elevations and overall layout of the site, and following the assessment, the land surveyor will set out all measurements in a CAD format drawing. The completed CAD drawing will be presented within a topographic survey report that will be given to the client. Along with drawings that will benefit the planning process, the report will include information on the conducted topographical surveys, as well as detailed observations from the site such as data recorded by the laser scanning equipment.

Qualified Land Surveyors

For topographical surveys to be conducted correctly, the land surveyor undertaking the assessment needs to be suitably experienced and licensed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), with qualifications in a relevant field. The Survey House ensures that all topographical surveyors are not only capable of carrying out an assessment, but also effective in making accurate measurements and producing data that could positively impact the developer, people within their team, and the overall progression and outcome of the planning project.

Our ability to cover a full range of areas across the UK is helped by the numerous land surveyors we have scattered across different sections of England, as well as certain parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With this in mind, our land surveyors are ready and able to visit your site in North, East, West or South Manchester – including both the City of Manchester and the broader Greater Manchester area – to conduct full topographic surveys at a time that suits you.

We also offer other forms of building and land surveys to suit the needs of our clients, such as measured building surveys, condition reports and utility mapping surveys. Even if you aren’t certain of what you need to move your development project into the next step of the process, get in touch and our team will point you in the direction of the property or land surveys you need.

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Before you commit to using our services, get in touch with our experienced team by calling us, filling out our quote form or visiting our contact us page, provide us with details about your site and project, and we can offer you a free quote. You are then given freedom to make a decision, and if you opt to choose The Survey House, send the quote back to us and we can arrange a desirable time for a site visit.

At this point, one of our topographical surveyors local to you in the Manchester area will be able to carry out topographic surveys on your site, pass across the corresponding CAD drawing a few days after, and give you the ability to see all above ground elements to simplify the planning process.

We boast of cost effective solutions and a highly recommended experienced team of topographical surveyors and other property and land surveyors. Whether you need topographical surveys, measured building surveys or any other of our property and land surveys, we can help you to reach your goals and support your plans.

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