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Topographical Survey in Scotland

Prior to producing plans for a land development in Scotland, our land surveying services such as topographical surveys will enhance the preliminary planning process by providing the developer with accurate measurements of the land, as well as comprehensive details of all contours, elevations and features, both man-made and natural.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Scotland

Scotland Development Projects

Known for making a significant contribution to culture and featuring an extensive number of highlands and locks, Scotland is formed from vast authentic countryside areas. In fact, 98% of the land mass in Scotland is rural, comprised of 70% remote rural and 28% accessible rural areas. From all rural areas across the country, an estimated 21% of the population live in the locations that are considered rural or remote.

Despite this, 83% of Scotland is considered urban while 17% remains rural, and recent statistics have indicated that 81% of property sales were in urban areas, leaving just 19% in rural areas. Land developments aim to utilise untouched rural areas in Scotland, with developers commonly seeing the benefits to staging planning projects on plots of land with no existing infrastructure.

Planning Across Scotland

Over Scotland, there are around 200,000 hectares of green belt land, and while the local authorities have shown an intention to retain as much greenfield and green belt land as possible, the many natural areas open up a multitude of planning opportunities to developers. As a result, Scottish local councils have had to compromise and offer some leeway when it comes to staging a project on undeveloped land.

Prior to deciding on definitive development plans, it can help to understand the literal dimensions of the site, including measurements of all areas and both man-made and natural features present. Not only will this benefit the process of making sound plans for the project, but it will integrate all features, leaving no stone left unturned.

For both greenfield sites and brownfield sites, the most suitable course of action to measure a specific plot of land would be through arranging for topographical surveyors to attend your development site for a topographical survey. At this point, you can then also determine whether you need the assistance of other land surveyors for further land surveys on top of the topographical surveys you have planned, all with the intention of benefitting your planning project.

Topographic Assessments

Before the land surveyor conducts a physical inspection of the site, they will start the process by undertaking a desk study to retrieve any existing information about the site. The topographical surveyor will then inspect the entirety of the site and take measurements of contours, elevations and the site’s layout using the latest technology of highly specialised survey equipment such as total stations and other laser scanning devices. In certain circumstances, land surveying services may require additional techniques, such as the use of drone services to benefit a land survey on a particularly large development site.

Data from the topographic assessment will be displayed in a drawing for the developer to use as a basis for their plans. Land survey consultants typically use a CAD format drawing, presenting it within a topographical survey report. Including an as-built drawing of the site with all features included, both the CAD drawing and the accompanying topographic report will be handed to the developer, along with any notes based on observations of the site from the laser scanning exercise.

Surveyors for Topo Assessments

As with every land survey we offer, topographical surveys must be carried out under the same guidelines and with a universal approach that guarantees consistency and reliability. A fundamental factor that encourages this way of operating is how our land survey experts are trained and educated. For instance, each of our topographical surveyors has licensing from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), qualifications in relevant areas, and experience in undertaking a topographical survey and assessment.

Looking specifically at topographic surveys, we at The Survey House make sure that all of our chartered surveyors conduct assessments to a certain standard, recording exact measurements and producing accurate data to support each client’s project. We offer widespread coverage throughout the UK, including Scotland and other areas beyond the North of England that other consultancies may opt to overlook. Simply speak to our team and we can arrange for a land surveyor to visit your site to carry out topographical survey services.

Additionally, we cater to numerous needs by providing our clients with a selection of property and land surveying options. For instance, as well as topographical surveys, we conduct measured building surveys, utility mapping surveys and condition reports. For any developers that aren’t 100% sure with the suitable next step for their project, we would suggest speaking to us directly so we can guide you in the right direction.

Plan a Topographical Survey

Developers in need of topographical surveys for their planning project in Scotland aren’t required to commit to us straight away. Instead, contact us by calling us over the phone or filling out an online quote form, and our team will be in touch to provide you with a free quote. In general, the price of any property or land survey is likely to vary depending on your details. As long as you give us specifications about your site and project, the quote will be accurate and give you an indication of the cost before you lock us in as your land surveying services provider.

Once you confirm that you would like to choose The Survey House for your topographical survey, let us know that you are happy to proceed and we can find a suitable date to undertake the assessment. Within a few short days, the land surveyor in charge of the process will then send across your topographic report with the CAD drawing and give you the insight you need to enhance your development.

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