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Topographical Survey in Gloucester

Throughout our consultancy are surveyors capable of detailed surveys in the Gloucester area, including both building and land surveys. In a land development, topographical surveys will help to establish precise measurements of the development site.

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Everything you need to know about Topographical Survey in Gloucester

Gloucester Planning

A hive of architecture and history, Gloucester in South West England sits within the predominantly rural county of Gloucestershire. Within the City of Gloucester features an urban area, and despite being among the category of smaller urban areas, it extends beyond the city’s boundaries into multiple external districts.

Green spaces appear all over Gloucester, boasting a mix of rural and urban areas. Between funding from the Administration Fund, the Infrastructure Fund, the Levelling Up Fund and the Neighbourhood Fund, Gloucester City Council has room to manoeuvre over current and future land developments, including a £20 million regeneration of the city centre.

Buying and Developing Land

Considering the selection of untouched patches of land in Gloucester, the local council is open to allowing developers to purchase and stage developments on greenfield sites across the city. Not only that, but as the local planning authority pledges to encourage sustainability in any future developments, even the depletion of green areas doesn’t necessarily mean detrimental harm to local biodiversity.

Once a developer has found and bought a suitable piece of brownfield or greenfield land for their proposed development project, they will then face other hurdles. A fundamental component of any land development surrounds the measurements of the site, and by simply ensuring that the correct dimensions have been recorded, an accurate plan can be created and any issues can be avoided entirely.

An impactful way of recording measurements of a site and having them displayed in a usable format is by booking a topographical survey with a qualified and trained land surveyor. After a brief inspection, topographical surveys will involve recording dimensions of the site and adding them to a CAD format image to give the developer and their design team the accurate information needed to plan the project correctly.

Measuring a Development Site

Detailed surveys with two stages, a topographical survey will begin with a desk study to identify any resources that could benefit the assessment such as images or maps of the specific plot of land. It will then be applicable for the land surveyor to attend the site to assess all areas and features before recording accurate dimensions.

In order to ensure the utmost precision of each reading in a topographical survey, highly specialised land survey equipment will be used, including laser scanning tools such as total stations. Topographical surveys typically involve contours and elevations in the broad range of recorded measurements, and results from topographic surveys will be presented in CAD format images.

Images from topographical surveys can be provided in a selection of formats depending on the specific requests of the client. Scaled survey drawings can be utilised as the basis for development plans, and if necessary, the land surveyor may include a topographical survey report if there are any notable observations from the assessment or development site.

Experts in Topography

Across all of the building and land surveys we carry out, The Survey House guarantees the same level of detail and quality to all clients. Our land surveyors are scattered all over the country to cover topographical surveys in different areas – including Gloucester – and we conduct all of our work in-house, removing any unnecessary additional costs that would otherwise arise from collaborating with external companies.

Between licensing from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the appropriate training, educating and experience in relevant forms of land and building surveys, our land surveyors are more than capable of undertaking a topographical survey to benefit your planning project. Images from the detailed assessments retrieved using our advanced laser scanning equipment will then assist you and the landscape architects in your design team during the preliminary planning stage.

On top of topographical surveys, our team are able to conduct other land surveys such as utility mapping surveys and building surveys such as measured building surveys. Simply speak to our team, explain your situation, and we will be able to point you in the right direction and arrange a bespoke service to achieve the goals of your project.

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Even if you are unsure of whether you need a topographical survey, a measured building survey or another form of building or land survey, our helpful team are willing to talk to you directly and assist you with the bespoke service you require. You can send your details to us online or over the phone, and we will provide you with a free quote for topographic surveys on your site.

Providing you are happy to move forwards, we can arrange a date to attend your site, take measurements with our laser scanning tools, conduct the topographical surveys, and produce the CAD images to assist the planning part of your land development. Once the topographical survey is complete, we can gauge whether you would benefit from another land survey we offer, or if any of our building survey services such as measured building surveys would be of assistance.

Reach out to our team, and with the help of our land surveyors, we can assess your needs correctly and undertake a topographical survey to the highest possible standard using state of the art laser scanning technology. Our team is advanced and experienced in building and land surveys, so we are a solid option whenever you need help with a development project.

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